Notifications feature is applicable to all the users of Adobe Captivate Prime. But, each user based on their role gets different kinds of notifications under various scenarios. All the alerts and notifications to users are displayed through notifications pop-up dialog.

Access notifications

Users can see notifications by clicking notifications icon at the upper right corner of the window.

A sample notification window for author role is shown in the following screenshot:

Notification window
Notification window

This pop-up window displays highlights of all the notifications along with time of occurrence and a scroll bar.

You can know the number of latest notifications by the highlighted number displayed on top of the notifications icon. For example, if there are five latest notifications after your previous login, you can see the number five being displayed on top of the notifications icon. These numbers disappear once you read all the latest notifications.

Click Show all notifications link at the bottom of the notifications pop-up window to view all the notifications in a separate page.


Types of notifications for authors

Authors get notifications when the following events trigger:

1.      When the module upload is successful

2.      When a module version is changed

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