Salesforce™ is the most popular CRM solution among sales and marketing teams. Using Adobe Captivate Prime app in Salesforce, learners can access all of their learning content from within their Salesforce interface. Learners can access their assigned learning content such as courses, learning programs, and job aids from within the Salesforce. Users can also receive notifications about their enrollments and announcements from the Administrator.


At the moment, Salesforce app is not available as the approval is pending from Salesforce App Exchange. If you are interested to take a preview of beta version of the app, contact your Account Manager or Captivate Prime support team at captivateprimesupport@adobe.com

Locate app in Salesforce

As a learner you can click the Apps drop-down at the right corner of the page and select the Adobe Captivate Prime. 

If you are unable to locate the app in the drop-down, contact your Salesforce Administrator. 

Once you select the app, you can switch over to Adobe Captivate Prime app as shown in the snapshot below. 


Login and usage instructions

Click Connect to Prime in the Adobe Captivate Prime as shown in the above snapshotand log in with your Captivate Prime account credentials. 

You can connect to Captivate Prime app and use it from within the Salesforce. 

Alternatively, you can also log in to Captivate Prime account within Salesforce using the Adobe Captivate Prime Notifications component in the Home Page at the left pane. Learners can see this component only when the Administrator configures the Adobe Captivate Prime Notifications component in Salesforce. 

A representative snapshot of Learner view of the Adobe Captivate prime app is shown below for your reference. 


Disconnect from the app

You can click Disconnect link at the bottom of the learners page, as marked in the above snapshot, to Disconnect from the Adobe Captivate Prime app. Once you disconnect, you are redirected to the welcome page of Adobe Captivate Prime app. 

You can connect or disconnect from the app any number of times. 

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