If you see an JavaScript error in the console on load, then there’s likely an issue with the DTM code installation. The code placement can be quickly checked by viewing the page source of the site searching for ‘satellite’ to locate the DTM code snippets. Look for the header code in the head section of the HTML. It should be placed as close to the head tag as possible. The footer code should be placed in the body section as close to the tag as possible. More information here: https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/dtm/t_add_header_fooder_code.html

If the code appears to be implemented correctly, then click the library file shown in the header code in the page source. If it shows 'File not found.', then the property needs to be published or the staging embed code needs to be used until you're ready to publish. The Production library file is only available once the property has been published at least once.



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