After using WebDAV to upload thousands of media assets into /var/dam, only a small number of media assets are shown under /content/dam.


Each media asset uploaded to /var/dam initiates a workflow that moves the asset to /content/dam and processes the asset. If a lot of media assets are uploaded, the workflows are queued and never get completely processed. In essence the majority of the workflows get stuck in the event queue.


Add this property to the (located in crx-quickstart/launchpad) and restart CQ:


The large number of workflows in the job handler queue resulted in job handler getting blacklisted. With the property from above no handlers will be blacklisted. Thus, allowing the workflows to run to completion.

In addition, hotfix #22504 addresses this issue. Please submit a daycare ticket to request hotfix #22504.

NOTE: In CQ 5.2.1, this issue has been adequately resolved. Furthermore, a comprehensive solution is expected in CQ 5.3.

Applies to

CQ 5.2

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