If you get this error when running a consistency check / fix:

*ERROR* BundleDbPersistenceManager: failed to read bundle: d03ed4fd-e9e4-4bbd-aaa9-e11ff6445b85: d0/3e/d4fde9e44bbdaaa9e11ff6445b85/1.68.0:
      the specified resource does not exist (, line 1135)


You can fix the above error to allow the consistency check to run by setting this parameter:

<param name="errorHandling" value="IGN_MISSING_BLOBS"/>

set this in the Persistence Manager settings, below the consistency check configuration.

<PersistenceManager class="">
  <param name="consistencyCheck" value="true"/>
  <param name="consistencyFix" value="true"/> 
  <param name="errorHandling" value="IGN_MISSING_BLOBS"/>

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