How can I add a new tab to the Content Finder.

Answer, Resolution

Default Content Finder tabs are configured as JSON descriptors in Javascript files under /libs/wcm/extensions/contentfinder.

Steps to define a new tab:

  1. Create a new node under /apps of type sling:Folder (for example /apps/wcm/extensions/contentfinder).
  2. Add 2 properties to the new node you have just created.
    • add property extensionGroup="tabs"
    • add property extensionType="contentfinder_extension"
    • don't forget to click Save All if you are using CRX Content Explorer or CRXDE Light
  3. Copy one of the files in /libs/wcm/extensions/contentfinder to the folder you just created.
  4. Open the copied file and change "id" attribute. Make any other modifications you need.

The next time a page is opened in CQ Authoring the Content Finder will have a new tab.

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