When trying to publish a collection from AEM Mobile portal (, an error shows up after sometime saying: The publication is currently locked. Please try again later.



AEM Mobile on-demand services portal (


There are some automated background processes which are taking longer than expected, or have stalled.


The problem typically resolves itself by waiting for background processes to complete. The time needed depends on the number of processes that are running. For example, initiating the publishing of 1000 articles takes 10x as long as 100 articles.

  1. If the problem is due to a stalled process, the issue can be fixed by modifying the Project Settings.
  2. Go to Project Settings.
  3. Select the project and press Edit Project from top left corner.
  4. Under different tabs, choose an option to make changes. For example: Press Search and deselect the option which says Production App if it is selected or vice versa.
  5. Hit Save from the top right corner.
  6. Once the settings are saved, edit the project settings again and revert the changes back to the original.

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