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AEM 6.x

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While checking the Timeline in the page side rail in the Touch UI you can observe that some pages are published by webservice-support-replication user.
Custom replication listeners also pick up these page publish / replication events.

What product feature is generating these replications?


Replication from the webservice-support-replication user originates from a replication listener com.day.cq.wcm.webservicesupport.impl.ReplicationEventListener.  This listener flushes subresources on Dispatcher for resources using Cloud Services.

The listener listens to replication events and handles invalidation of children and referenced pages. Invalidation is forced by issuing a replication on the flush agents.

There are two cases where related resources need to be invalidated:

  1. Activation of a page referencing a cloud configuration.
    Child pages need to be invalidated because of inheritance of the cq: cloudservices property.

  2. Activation of a cloud configuration.
    Pages referencing the page need to be invalidated.

This may cause performance issues or affect your application.  As a solution, review the options below.

  1. Disable flush agent status updates and versioning to lessen performance hit

    To lessen the performance impact of such flush requests, disable versioning and status updates on flush replications:

    1. Go to http://aemhost:port/etc/replication/agents.author.html on the author instance.

    2. Click to open a flush agent.

    3. Click Edit.

    4. Go to the Triggers tab.

    5. Enable No Status Update and No Versioning on the flush agent Triggers tab.

    6. Click Ok.

    7. Repeat for all other flush agents.

  2. Ignore these replications in custom code

    If you have a custom Replication Listener your application code, then modify that code to ignore replications from this user. Or ignore all flush agent replications.

  3. Disable the OSGi component that triggers these replications

    Disabling this feature would be an alternative to the above two solutions.

    1. Go to 


    2. Remove flush from the list of agents.

    3. Click Save


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