The CQ instance opens a connection to your LDAP server when you change a user value and try to update the changes in LDAP.


Set isReadOnly to true in your user CSD. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

<!DOCTYPE csd SYSTEM "cq:/system/resources/dtd/xmlcsd.dtd">

<csd name="ldapuser" base="user">

   <hierarchy_driver name="LdapUserMapper" />

   <container> <atom label="UserID" driver="ldap" indexinghint="exact"> <param name="attributename" value="uid"/>

     </atom> <atom label="Password" isReadOnly="true" driver="ldap" indexinghint="ignore"

         <param name="attributename" value="userPassword"/>


     <atom label="Fullname" isReadOnly="true" driver="ldap">

       <param name="attributename" value="cn"/>

     </atom> <atom label="EMail" isReadOnly="true" driver="ldap" >

         <param name="attributename" value="mail"/>

     </atom> <containerlist label="Groups" driver="ldap" base="user.Groups">

    <atom label="GroupHandle" driver="ldap" isBinary="false" />




Additional information

Atoms, if not specified explicitly, are readable and writable.

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