When you try to restore or install a package, you receive an error similar to the following:

INFO - [java] User 'Amalaowala' not allowed rights '2' on handle /apps/cq/java/com/test/day/freemarker/ INFO - [java] at;I)V( INFO - [java] at;I)V( INFO - [java] at;)Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Container; ( INFO - [java] at; ( INFO - [java] at;) Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Container;( INFO - [java] at; ( INFO - [java] at; ( INFO - [java] at (Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Ticket;Ljava/io/InputStream;Ljava/util/HashMap;)Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Page;( INFO - [java] at (Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Page;ZLcom/day/cq/contentbus/PackageProgressListener;)V( INFO - [java] at (Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Page;Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/PackageProgressListener;)V( INFO - [java] at system.replication.templates.packutil.packutil_354$jsp$Handler.installPackage(Lcom/day/cq/contentbus/Page;) V(packutil_354$ INFO - [java] at system.replication.templates.packutil.packutil_354$jsp$Handler.handle()V(packutil_354$


Make sure that the user ACL has write access to /apps/cq/java/com/test/day/freemarker/

Additional information

This error occurs when the current user does not have access rights to complete the operation. In this example, it is a restore of a package that the user is missing write access to.

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