After upgrading a CQ5.2.x instance to 5.3, some component paths have changed and now there are broken links and components are not functioning properly.


The CQ upgrade process uses a file with a list of paths to replace path while doing upgrade. Some of the changed paths were not included in that file. This causes some paths that need changing to be missed during an upgrade.


Please use following steps to resolve this issue

  • Go to /libs/cq/compat/components/codeupgrade/5.3/resourcetypes.txt (you can do this via the crxde lite web application)
  • Add a path mapping | <old-path> | <new-path> | just before # Resource types entry.
  • Go to http://<host>:<port>/libs/cq/compat/components/codeupgrade.html and enter /libs under List of paths to process (comma-separated)
  • Repeat the process and enter /apps next time.
  • You can apply same process for any custom component path changes too.

Applies to

CQ5.3 Upgrade

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