When using SVN and FileVault command. It may update my files after a commit,update or checkout using the vlt command even I didn't really change anything.


This usually happen if your svn checked in files was done from another operating system that uses different end-of-line style (aka eol-style). On Windows it is usually a CRLF, while on Unix/Mac it is LF. FileVault regenerate non binaries when using commit, update or checkout , and is using the native operating system eol-style.


Ensure that all the checked in files in svn are including the svn:eol-style=native property. Use svn auto-props config to automatically add this property on new committed files in the svn. Example config file is included for SVN and Tortoise.

Applies to

CQ 5 WCM using FileVault (1.0.19+) and SVN


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