The Communiqué tmp folder is full of files matching the following pattern: +JF*.tmp


Do one of the following:

  • Store the TrueType fonts directly into the lib/fonts directory of the jdk used to run Communiqué.
  • Add a new entry element in the awtfontpath section of /config/delivery/graphics.xml:

<awtfontpath appendJREFonts="true"> <entry path="AbsolutePathToYourFontsFolder" /> <entry path="fonts" /> </awtfontpath> where AbsolutePathToYourFontsFolder is the absolute path to your fonts folder

Additional information

This issue occurs because the application uses the Communiqué graphics engine, which loads TrueType fonts from the repository. These fonts are outsourced to the file system by the java.awt features, as the font rendering for TTF ultimately requires a file on the file system. Therefore, these files go to the assigned JVM tmp directory. They are only released upon shutdown, but you should only get one such file per font used.

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