This article explains how to troubleshoot issues where OSGi configurations or bundles fail to install when placed under the crx-quickstart/install folder of an AEM installation.

If you have placed a configuration or bundle under the crx-quickstart/install folder of your AEM installation and it fails to install, then follow the steps below to debug the issue.

  1. Go to http://host:port/system/console/osgi-installer and log in as admin.

  2. On this user interface, it shows which bundles and configurations were applied and when.  This includes files applied via crx-quickstart/install folder and ones in JCR (Oak) repository install folders.

  3. In addition to the osgi-installer tool, you can enable debug logging on the installer modules.  Go to http://host:port/system/console/slinglog

  4. Click Add New Logger.

  5. Set Log Level to Debug.

  6. Set Log File to logs/installer.log

  7. Add these Loggers: org.apache.felix.fileinstall,

  8. Save.

  9. Log in to the AEM server OS and view crx-quickstart/logs/installer.log

  10. Now when you make changes to the install folder files, you see corresponding log messages in the installer.log

Some things that could cause the OSGi installer to fail are:

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