An AEM Mobile app downloads SHARED_HTML_RESOURCES that contains content is no longer included based on the current contentSync configuration in an AEM 6.2 instance.


The AEM Mobile on-demand services attempt to update an existing SHARED_HTML_RESOURCES on the server based on only what has changed. While the update includes new content, it fails to remove content that is no longer in what AEM is sending.


Update to the latest AEM 6.1 SP1 Cumulative Fix Pack (CFP).
A fix was released in AEM 6.1 SP1-CFP2 and is included in all later CFPs.

Additional information

You can determine what is in the SHARED_HTML_RESOURCES by exporting them from your AEM instance to a local file with the following syntax:

For example:

When working properly, the most recent version of SHARED_HTML_RESOURCES match that export. However, if there are articles published that reference content from previous versions of SHARED_HTML_RESOURCES, those previous versions also download as expected. To correct the same, update your articles from AEM and republish them.

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