AEM 6.1


If you see the below warning in your AEM logs and observe a rapid increase in disk utilization (Tar or Mongo storage), then you are likely experiencing a known issue with the AEM AuditLog Maintenance Task.

28.11.2016 08:20:41.518 *WARN* [pool-9-thread-5-Maintenance Queue(com/adobe/granite/maintenance/job/AuditLogMaintenanceTask)] org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.jcr.session.NodeImpl Large multi valued property [/var/eventing/jobs/assigned/ca000ffb-04ea-4f55-8927-fb9f1d5ff347/com.adobe.granite.maintenance.job.AuditLogMaintenanceTask/2016/11/26/1/0/ca000ffb-04ea-4f55-8927-fb9f1d5ff347_6473/slingevent:progressLog] detected (27383 values).


The AuditLog Maintenance Task job had a bug in AEM 6.1 where the job nodes had massive multi-value properties stored on them.


To solve this issue, apply AEM 6.1 Service Pack 1 or later and then follow these steps:

  1. Start AEM (if stopped).

  2. Go to CRXDE and browse /var/eventing/jobs/assigned/.../com.adobe.granite.maintenance.job.AuditLogMaintenanceTask  (where "..." is the Sling ID of the AEM instance).

  3. Remove the node com.adobe.granite.maintenance.job.AuditlogMaintenanceTask.

  4. Save.

  5. Go to the following URL on AEM (replace host:port with the host and port of your AEM instance).


  6. Delete the AudltLog Maintenance Task from that user interface.

  7. If you are using Oak Tar storage, then run offline tar compaction.  If you are using Oak Mongo storage, then run Revision Garbage Collection.

Alternatively, instead of applying an AEM service pack then you could contact AEM Customer Care and request AEM6.1 hot fix 7603.

Additional Information

Sometimes, this issue has rendered AEM instances inaccessible. If that happens, then contact AEM Customer Care for assistance.

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