Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1 recommended hot fixes

Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1 Service Pack 2 was released on Tuesday, 16 Jun 2015

The direct link to the latest Service Pack (SP 2) on Package Share is:

Find the release notes at:

It includes the overview of what the Service Pack contains, the installation instructions and the list of hot fixes it replaces.

As you can see Service Pack 2 includes all hot fixes released previously for 5.6.1.

Therefore, this page will only list starting now the recommended hot fixes to install on top of SP2, sorted by product module as before.

You can find the old content, that is all recommended hot fixes prior to the release of Service Pack 2 here.


Security Vulnerabilities




December 15th, 2015

Java deserialization issues mitigation agent



LDAP Integration

Misc s ecurity-related issues



Adobe recommends using the latest version available of the Dispatcher.

Find version 4.1.11 available for download at



Provides IE11 compatibility to AEM 5.6.1 Authoring



Campaign - Targeting

Form component

Other features



Scene7 Integration

Marketing Cloud integration

The following hot fixes should be installed by the customers integrating AEM with the other solutions of the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Target


Audience Manager


The following hot fixes are specific to the users of the AEM e-commerce module.

Therefore they have to be installed on top of the CQ-COMMERCE-HYBRIS-UPDATE-CONTENT v5.6.200.

This package and the following hot fixes must be requested via a Support Portal ticket, as the module is not integrated in the default installation of AEM.

Hot fix 3985

Various fixes around Hybris integration 1

Hot fix 5174

Various fixes around Hybris integration 2


Misc Modules

The hot fixes below address issues specific to minor modules. Check first if you are actual users of the module (in bold in the description) before considering to install the hot fix.


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