My operating system doesn't support XMP Write-back

As of Adobe Experience Manager (CQ) 5.5 and later, changes to the metadata of an asset are written back to the original binary as part of its XMP metadata. Write-back is enabled by default, but it is not supported in all operating systems. In those operating systems, Adobe recommends that you disable the write-back to prevent DAM workflow failures.

Check here to see if your operating system is supported.


  • Click the + sign for Supported Formats and leave it blank (Don't enter any mimetype) at [1]
  • Remove all the mime types configured for writeback at [1] except the one added earlier. 
  • Once you update the configuration, restart the system for changes to be effective.


Install the attached package and restart the instance.


[1] http://<host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr/


Do not disable the DAM XMP Write-back by removing the Launcher configuration via the Workflow Console. Doing so disables other features such as thumbnail generation.

Note for 64-bit Linux users :

The AEM Metadata write-back workflow uses the XMPWorker Linux fragment which is a 32-bit native executable application that AEM runs on the OS shell.  

If you are using 64-bit Linux, then it is possible that you do not have the dynamic runtimes installed to execute the 32-bit library. This other article provides steps to install the required 32-bit libraries in Redhat Enterprise Linux or CentOS.


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