Why Livecopy is not getting reflected in blueprint after rolling out?


Perform these steps:

1. The issue of jcr:title not rolling out to the live copies is resolved after changing the concerned regex in Content Update Action to:


2. The other issue for inheritance lock being present in 'Page Properties Dialog' for 'Title' Field' & the title still being editable.

The following procedure was tested: 

a. Took a plain 5.6.1 (There's no Inheritance lock for Page Title)

b. Installed hotfix 3561.

c. Installed hotfix 4331 (this is required since it's a dependency for next hotfix 4441)

d. Installed hotfix 4441. (With this the msm bundle version should be 5.6.38)

e. Renamed Page Title in Blueprint; Rolled out the page.

Checked the same page in Live Copy. (@* From Live Copy, Opened the Page Properties dialog for the rolled out page and it there is no lock for inheritance on Title Field and the same is editable as well.

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