Geolocation is a way for the browser to tell a website about user physical location in the world based on data such as computer’s IP address, mobile phone GPS capability, etc... Additionally browser never shares the location without user permissions & user will be prompted with persmissions as shown in below picture (Figure 1). Turning off this feature at browser level might impact visiting other regular websites such as Google Maps etc..  Out of the box geometrixx application uses geolocation properties such as city, state, country, country_code.  How to turn off location tracker in cq if website is not utilizing geolocation?



Creating a Customized Client Context & changing the client context path in website helps to resolve this issue. The steps are

  1. Create a new client context by duplicating existing one. Ex:- Copy "/etc/clientcontext/default" & paste at "/etc/clientcontext/new"
  2. In design mode of website home page and change the path of client context to "/etc/clientcontext/new" as shown in Figure 2
  3. Open clientcontext design page and delete geolocation component. That is by going into http://<host>:<port>/etc/clientcontext/new/content.html


Additional details please refer


Turn off location tracker for geometrixx website

Turn off location tracker for geometrixx website

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