How do I use Text on Path?


Here are two examples:

Define the actual text using the textPs command as normal, then include the textPath where the text should "flow:"\fs50\ul1\stextflow1{GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG}&textpath=M264,210l-8,240,421,-51,227,33,170,72,z,0&size=2000,2240&opac=0,100&layer=COMP&layer=0&color=0xffffffff&opac=0,100&layer=2&layer=3&textpath=M-500,0%20C-500,500%20500,500%20500,0&textps={\fs100%20$A${\fs200%20$B$}$C$}&$C=CCCCCC&$B=BBBBBB&$A=AAAAAA&pos=1000,0&layer=COMP

For more information, see the IS documentation:


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