In Scene7 Publishing System (SPS), there is a Storage Tab in Admin Set-up that tells us how much storage we've used. By default, it looks like the Tab shows “Current” storage usage. Does Scene7 calculate usage in real time each time I open this tab?

Is it necessary to remove assets from the system before the storage usage goes down. Finally, is the storage usage based on the original files, or some other metric?


Is current storage determined in real time?

Adobe captures these statistics once daily. The statistics collection is skipped for a company if there are no changes in asset adds, uploads, deletes, or other trash operations. Any operation that affects disk statistics, triggers the calculation during the nightly job. Statistics gathering runs nightly for all assets modified as of midnight the previous day. Therefore, the data can be as much as 24 hours old.

Is storage usage based an original assets only?

The disk stats are based on original file (that is, master file) size only. 

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