How do I set up Scene7 to capture video events to send to SiteCatalyst?


Video uses the same process as for the normal S7 Viewers (zoom, spin, and so on). See the Quickstart guide (attached) and SPS documentation:

Here are some useful pointers:

  • S7 viewers emit viewer events that can be tracked in SiteCatalyst versions 14 or 15. All such events are captured in Custom Traffic or Custom Conversion reports.
  • S7 video viewers don't populate the out-of-box video report suite in SC. The only difference is that the resulting S7 video data shows up in Custom Traffic/Conversion reports versus showing up in the Video report suite. Adobe plans to address in this issue the future enhancement.
  • Since mobile video uses the device’s native video player and NOT S7 video player, each customer must enable mobile tracking per the existing SC mobile video instructions here:  

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