This document covers personal settings, image and viewer presets, and application setup.

Can we customize what people see in Media Portal or change the interface?

Yes, you can customize the Media Portal user interface. See the following Help page for more information:

Does SPS work on iOS devices? Can we log in to SPS/MP from iPad/iPhone?”

Since the iOS operating system of the iPad and iPhone doesn’t support Flash, users can't log in to SPS/MP. Flash is a component necessary to view the portal for Scene7/Media Portal. There is no mobile version of SPS.

What is the "Manage your FTP Accounts" section for in SPS?

Manage your FTP Accounts is for generating additional FTP accounts only for Media Portal Admin, Contributor-User, and Contributor. You can find documentation on this feature in the Help. Go to Help > Help Contents > Media Portal > Managing FTP Accounts. Here is the direct link:

  1. Choose Setup > MediaPortal Setup > FTP Accounts. If MediaPortal Setup does not appear, go to Setup > Personal Setup > Show MediaPortal Features. Then save, and sign out, then sign back in. Choose Setup > MediaPortal Setup > FTP Accounts.
  2. Once you are in the Manage your FTP Accounts page, select the User, and enter the password and click Save. The account shows up in FTP Accounts Label.
  3. Copy the User Name shown under FTP Account User name.
  4. Using host name as <>, use the user name and password to log in to the FTP account that you have created and you can upload the assets.


Sometimes you could find no names coming under Select User. There are no Media Portal Admin, Contributor-User, and Contributor in your company account. Once you have created these MP roles, they automatically show up in the Select User drop-down.

For Media Portal User’s SPS doeon’t allow creating any FTP account as uploading assets is not allowed for these user roles.

What are the system requirements for various Scene7 products?

  1. Log in to SPS.
  2. Choose Help > Help Contents.
  3. Click Introducing Adobe Scene7, and then click System Requirements.

What operating systems does SPS support?

You can see the supported environments in the system requirements dialog box.

    1. Log in to SPS.
    2. Choose Help > Help Contents.
    3. Click Introducing Adobe Scene7, and then click System Requirements.

Why doesn't the logo appear on the login screen?

Check your account for the logo you have selected, it is likely the image has been deleted.

Follow these steps to correct the issue:

  1. Clear the browser cache.
  2. Log in as MP admin.
  3. Upload a new image for the logo.
  4. Go into MP Style Settings and select the image that you uploaded. Then click Save.
  5. Open the MP URL with the company parameter.

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