What is the maximum character limit for sticky notes in Scene7?


There is no built-in limit for the number of characters entered into a single sticky note. Likewise, there is total amount of text contained by all sticky notes in the viewer.

However, you can run into two types of problems with sticky notes:

  1. The viewer passes its state information to the hosting page via the multiple calls to the JS function on the page. This process can take quite a while. The viewer makes 0.5-sec interval between two consistent calls. So, if there is a large amount of text, the end user may need to wait for many seconds until all data is pushed to the JS.
  2. Sticky notes are kept in flash-shared objects, when the viewer "persistence=" parameter is ON. An attempt to store large (100 K or more) information on the client can cause a Flash player warning message. It asks the user to allow viewer's domain to store necessary amount of data. Everything is OK if user clicks Allow, but it could look a bit confusing to the end user.

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