What is the optimum size and resolution of PDF files used to create eCatalogs?


Follow these recommendations for PDFs used to create eCatalogs:

  • Offset press, embedded high-resolution imagery (300 ppi) – “Press Ready” in Adobe Acrobat
  • CMYK or RGB setting. Files that have a mixture of RGB and CMYK color spaces (for example, text colors in RGB and images in CMYK) may not convert correctly. Recommend that color usage is consistent within the document.
  • Embed vector graphics, text, and all fonts.
  • Make sure that pages or spreads are the correct size (already cropped). Cropping can be managed on upload if a file has cut marks.
  • Embedded photos are a minimum of 300 ppi.
  • Each page or spread in the PDF file adheres to a logical naming convention including a page/number spread value. Interior page/spread numbering includes two leading zeros. For example, page three is named “catalog_name_003.pdf."

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