How does Scene7 support retina displays with viewers? And, how can I call an HD image in an HTML5 viewer?


For all image-based viewers, there's a viewer modifier that allows you to control use of higher-pixel images for retina displays.

See this information from in Scene7 Help, with an excerpt about the zoom viewer:



  • always|never|limit: Enable, limit, or disable optimization for devices where devicePixelRatio is greater than 1. That is, devices with a high-density display like iPhone4 and similar devices. If active, then the component limits the size of the Image Serving image request as if the device only had a pixel ratio of 1 and that way reducing the bandwidth.
  • number: If using the limit setting, the component enables high pixel density only up to the specified limit.
  • Properties: optional.
  • Default: limit,1500



  1. If set=always, then the pixel density of the screen/device is always taken into account. So, if
    1. Screen pixel density = 1, then the image requested is 1000 x 1000
    2. Screen pixel density = 1.5, then the image requested is 1500 x 1500
    3. Screen pixel density = 2, then the requested image is 2000 x 2000
  2. If set=never, it will always use pixel density of 1 and ignore the device's HD capability. Therefore, the image requested is always 1000 x 1000.
  3. If set=limit<number>, Scene7 requests at device pixel density and serves only if the resulting image is below the specified limit:
    1. If the limit number is 1600, and pixel density is 1.5, then Scene7 serves the 1500 x 1500 image
    2. If the limit number is 1600, and pixel density is 2, then Scene7 serves the 1000 x 1000 image. (The 2000 x 2000 image exceeds the limit.)
    3. This limit number applies to either the width or height.
    4. This limit number works in conjunction with the company setting for maximum size image. As best practice, it is ideal to set limit number = company max size setting.
  4. Those scenarios above apply to the initial and reset image request. Once zoomed in, Scene7 uses the image tiles.

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