Sometimes trackingRight uses pixels and sometimes percentages. Where can I find information about changing the trackingRight property using DOM manipulation?


Here is the information on trackingRight:

trackingRight <number, percent> Space added to the right of each character.
A number tracks by a pixel amount. Minimum/maximum values are 1000/1000.
Percent is a percent of the current fontSize, and could be negative, to bring characters closer together. Legal values for percentages are -1000% to 1000%.
Default is 0.

The tracking value is always entered using an integer within Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. This integer is always expressed in thousandths of an em unit.
Here is some detail on an em unit:

The S7 plug-ins always export this value as a percentage. For example, if the user sets tracking to 200 (which is 200/1000 em), it exports as 20% in the FXG.

There is a bit more flexibility when submitting tracking values to the AGM Server. You can specify using a percentage of an em like so$track=20%25

…or using an absolute point value like so:$track=20

The server-side documentation for this functionality is here:

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