At times while resetting the password the user gets the error message: "Failed to activate - account already active" or 

If the Target account is blocked.


Below mentioned reasons could be the cause of these errors:

  1.  If any user in your org is getting this error check to see if the user is blocked or not.

  2. There could be possible reasons because of which the user can be blocked. Either the user has tried to login multiple times and got blocked because of multiple failed attempts. Or the other reason could be when the user has not logged in to the target account for a long time and the account has been inactive for some time.

  3. There could be another reason which can be a cause of this issue. i.e if the database connection is with improper dates but usually the reasons are afore mentioned.

  4. If the admin/super user is unable to unblock you then you need to reach out to client care team and then get your password reset for the account.

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