Sometimes while creating A/B tests the below error pops up on the Goal and settings page:

"There are no Target-enabled report suites available".



Before creating or viewing reports for an Analytics-powered activity, you must be a member of the All Report Access group, or member of a group that has access to at least one report in the report suite that you want to use.

If you are unable to view reports, make sure you are a member of one of these groups.The list of report suites that appears in Target Standard/Premium is the list of report suites that have been configured for Analytics as the reporting source for Target. This means you might not see every report suite you have.

If you don't see the report suite you are looking for, you should contact ClientCare to get it enabled.

You must also belong to the Web Services Access group in Adobe Analytics to be able to use Analytics as the reporting source for Target.


Also check whether A4T is provisioned correctly by reaching out to you Account Manager. Problems with the provisioning could also lead to such issues

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