A lot of time users have faced an issue where they were successful in creating the activity and the content was successfully delivered for the experiences on the website , but the activity reports were "Empty" the message thrown is "There is no data available for the selected report settings".  One of the prominent reason causing this issue is the default host group selected for the reports.  To resolve the issue please follow the below steps :

  • To open a report, select an activity, click the Activity Details icon, and then select the Reports tab. You can configure report settings by clicking the settings gear icon.
  • Select the environment (host group) to use for the report. Generally the Report data is not available when the "Live " activities have "Development" as host group.  It is recommneded to change the host group to "Production"
Target KB


The option to change environment  is not available for Experience Targeting or Automated Personalization reports, Hence in the latter case if similar issue is observed please contact  Adobe Client care to change the default host group

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