Triggers are one of the most powerful concepts in Adobe Character Animator CC. This tutorial walks you through creating a diverse range of triggers, including hand positions, looping fireballs, and blink cycles.

Build basic triggers

Build simple triggers and a swap set.

What you learned: Build basic triggers in the Triggers panel

  • Triggers can show or hide groups or layers when a key is pressed.
  • Dragging groups or layers into the Triggers panel will create them.
  • Latching is a way to keep a trigger in an on or off state like a lightswitch.
  • Swap sets are a special trigger group where only one asset is swapped in at a time.


Triggering behaviors

Make triggers that also start behaviors.

What you learned: Make triggered behaviors

  • If a group has a behavior, that behavior will be activated when triggered.
  • The Cycle Layers behavior lets you make on demand frame-by-frame animations like explosions, fireballs, growing flowers, or arm raises.
  • The Fader behavior will fade artwork in and out when triggered.
  • The Cycle Pause tag pauses an animation sequence until it gets triggered again.


Face triggers

Add triggers to a character’s face.

What you learned: Trigger facial features

  • Adding triggers to a face gives more expressive possibilities for the eyes, mouth, and other features.
  • Swap sets replace parts with other parts, like a blink replacing the pupil and eyeball, or a sad mouth replacing a happy one.
  • Props like beards or sunglasses can appear or disappear through triggers.


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