Discover how to use the power of animation to enhance your brand.

An image of a runner stretching with an animated brand graphic

Use motion to tell your story

The way objects move in an animation is just as important as color, font, and composition in reinforcing the emotion of your brand. Animation and color often work together to tell a story. Here are some examples. 

High-energy brand 

A high-energy brand might use bright saturated colors like red, yellow, and orange. To reinforce that feeling, you’ll want to create fast, dynamic animation. 

Mellow or stable brand 

Many brands that portray a reassuring and steady image tend to use cooler colors like blues and earth tones. To reinforce those feelings, slower and more predictable animations are appropriate for this brand identity.

Taking animation to the next level

In addition to common thoughts like fast and slow, there are several other ways to accentuate the animation of an object between the keyframes. Many people refer to these approaches as the “12 principles of animation.”

One of the most commonly used principles is called “follow through and overlapping action.” This principle emphasizes the motion of an object by going slightly past the final setting, then bouncing back and forth until it finally stops. In the motion graphics field, this is also called “bounce and overshoot.”

Practice makes perfect

What’s the saying — Rome wasn’t built in a day? Well, neither are the skills of a good animator. In order to consistently create dynamic animation, you’ll need to practice your skills. Whether it’s the process of adding keyframes, smoothing motion paths, or creating custom keyframe adjustments using the Graph Editor, there are many different aspects to master. Take your time, enjoy the process, and your animations will go from good to great!

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