There are no default reports a user can access in Adobe Analytics to directly compare mobile and nonmobile metrics. However, this information can easily be obtained.

Definition of metrics

The definition of each metric not only is different between mobile and nonmobile, but also differs between Adobe Analytics and SiteCatalyst 14:

  • Mobile Views (v14): Includes all image requests related to mobile, including Page Events from custom link tracking, download links, and exit links. These hits are recognized as mobile via their user agent string.
  • Page Views: Counts the total number of all standard s.t() image requests, including all mobile views. Does not include any page event image requests.

The same concept applies to Mobile Visits and Mobile Daily Unique Visitors; these metrics are included as part of the report suite metric counterparts.

Comparison of metrics

  • Mobile Views (SiteCatalyst 14) versus Page Views (In Mobile reporting, marketing reports & analytics): Page Views have replaced Mobile Views in Adobe Analytics, which means page event hits are not included. Because Mobile Views (v14) includes both standard and page event hits, it is always higher than the Page Views metric in marketing reports & analytics.
  • Mobile Views (SiteCatalyst 14) versus Page Views (site total, both versions): Page views for the report suite include mobile hits, so they are not mutually exclusive.

The same concept applies to Mobile Visits and Mobile Daily Unique Visitors, though these metrics have been replaced with Visits and Unique Visitors in Adobe Analytics.

Effectively comparing mobile versus nonmobile

Method 1: Use the ad hoc analysis capability

Ad hoc analysis offers the ability to create virtually any segment you want and compare it across reports.

  1. Open ad hoc analysis and navigate to a Page Views report.
  2. Drag the segment "Visits from Mobile Devices" as a metric into the workspace.
  3. Create a segment with the following rule:
    • Pageview container where Mobile Device is null
  4. Drag this segment as an additional metric into the workspace, which allows you to see the two metrics side-by-side.

Method 2: Use marketing reports & analytics

This method allows comparison via two separate reports. You can add these two reports to a dashboard, if desired.

  1. Navigate to Site Metrics > Page Views.
  2. In the segment dropdown at the top, select 'Visits from Mobile Devices'.
  3. The resulting report can be compared with the Mobile Devices report using page views as a metric.
Alternatively, a compare segments feature is available in ranked reports:
  1. Navigate to a ranked report, such as Site Content > Pages.
  2. In the segment dropdown at the top, select 'Add Segment'
  3. Create the following rule in the segment wizard:
    • Exclude all visits where mobile device is not null
  4. Save and apply the segment to the report.
  5. Click 'Compare to segment' in the report options above the graph.
  6. Select 'Visits from Mobile Devices', then click OK.

Method 3: Use report builder

Because of report builder's integration with Excel, a user can request a mobile views report and a page views report in the same workbook. The user can then use Excel's formula function to automatically calculate the correct value.

  1. Open Excel, log in to the report builder Excel add-in, and create a request.
  2. Specify the request to be a traffic report, as well as the report suite, date range, and granularity. Click Next.
  3. Drag the metrics Mobile views and Page views into the Metrics box, then click Finish.
  4. Subtract mobile views from page views by placing the following in an unused cell:
    (Where cell B2 is the page views total and cell B3 is the mobile views total)
  5. The result in this new cell is page views minus mobile views which are mutually exclusive to the mobile views total.

Method 4: Use data warehouse

This method requires two separate requests to work, which reports two spreadsheets containing data.

  1. Log in to Adobe Analytics and access data warehouse in the upper-left menu.
  2. Designate a request name, date range, and granularity.
  3. Select the segment 'Visits from Mobile Devices'.
  4. Select the desired metrics and breakdowns.
  5. Verify that your email address is correct, and click Request this Report.
  6. Follow steps 1-5 again, except alter step 3 to create the following segment:
    • Exclude all visits where Mobile Device is not null

If none of these options suit your organization's need, contact your organization's Account Manager. They can assist in contacting Adobe Engineering Services for a custom solution.