Adobe supports the export of DataWarehouse requests to SFTP servers, provided the following are met:

  • sftp:// protocol is specified in the host field (for example, s and port 22 is used when requesting a Data Warehouse report.
  • Adobe's authorized_keys file is in the .ssh directory within the root directory of the user you log in as.
  • The destination is not to SFTP protocol between Adobe's internal servers is not supported.
  • The destination supports one-factor (PKI) authentication. If there is a two-factor challenge, delivery of the report fails.

To successfully send a DataWarehouse request via SFTP, do the following:

  1. Obtain the authorized_keys file by having one of your organization's supported users contact Marketing Cloud Customer Care.
  2. Once you have this file, log in to the FTP site under the same credentials that is used for the data warehouse request.
  3. In the root directory, navigate to the folder named .ssh (if one does not exist, create one) and place the authorized_keys file in there.
  4. Go to the DataWarehouse request manager, configure the request as you want, and click Advanced Delivery Options.
  5. In the pop-up window, click the FTP radio button and specify the ftp site. Include the sftp:// protocol, such as s via port 22.

    Note: Including sftp:// protocol is only permitted when using sFTP. Regular FTP requests omit the protocol prefix (for example, instead of

  6. Enter the name of the folder that you want to place the file in the directory field. Or, you can leave  the field blank if you do not want the request file in a folder. You can place the DataWarehouse file can in any folder on your site.
  7. Enter the same user name and password used in step 2.
  8. Click Send.


Though SFTP is supported for DataWarehouse requests, it is NOT supported for data feeds. An Engineering Services solution is required to send data feeds via SFTP.