Often times, customer report they are getting corrupt automated reports from Report Builder. The workbook when opened shows an error stating there was "a problem with some content" in the report and would ask to repair. When clicked OK, it shows 'calcchain.xml' error.


Sometime the formulas in the Excel file containing Report Builder requests will get corrupt while saving or transferring. When the file is opened, Excel will try to run those formulas and eventually fail. This causes the above mentioned error.

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions:

  1. Change the Excel file's extension from .xlsx to .zip.
  2. Unzip the contents and go to /xl/ folder.
  3. Delete caclChain.xml.
  4. Re-zip the contents of the folder.
  5. Change the extension from .zip back to .xlsx.
  6. Open the xlsx file. Upon opening the file, if Excel will not find calcChain.xml, it will recalculate the formulas and will re-create the calcChain.xml file.
  7. Refresh and save the file.
  8. Schedule again to send immediately and check if the issue the error is fixed.

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