Each time an ARB request is created, ARB creates Excel Names in order to be able to attach the ARB request to the excel cells where it is output in the worksheet. ARB would also create cells for requests that use input filter from cells. To access the MIcrosoft Excel Name Manager, click the Formula Tab, and select Name Manager.

Confirm if you have deliberately deleted these Excel Names from the Names Manager?

If it is not done, Kindly share what were the last steps you took on this workbook before you started seeing this problem. Maybe you have copied worksheet from another workbook to this one. May Be opened this workbook using excel on Mac or experienced a crash and saved the workbook after the crash?

Once the ARB excel names have been deleted, there is nothing we can do to recover them, however below are the suggestions we would recommend.

  • If the workbook was scheduled, you should look back at previous delivered emails, as they contain the workbook with all requests in them. This way, you might be able to get access to an earlier version with uncorrupted requests.


  • You can select the scheduled task (through the ARB scheduling manager interface) and click the download button to download the last version that was scheduled.

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