Classification files uploaded with either a key value or classification value of zero ('0') results in an error. This rule includes all values that only contain zeroes ("00", "000," and so on). There are several methods to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Implement alternative values

Using an alternative to "0" is the best and easiest way to resolve classification issues centered on this value. For example, you can change your implementation in this way:

// Incorrect previous implementation

// Correct altered implementation option:

Method 2: Use processing rules

Using processing rules allows a user to modify variable values after they have been collected. Create the following rule within the Processing Rules Manager:

If Campaign equals 0, Overwrite value of Campaign with Custom Value "Zero"


Processing rules require a free test before using.

Once this rule is saved, all data moving forward correctly populates the campaign variable with "Zero" instead of "0."

Method 3: Request a VISTA rule

VISTA rules act similarly to Processing rules, however do not require any certification or altering of rules in the interface to set up. Instead, an Engineering Services Consultant sets up these rules for you at an extra cost. To request to have one of these rules enabled, contact your organization's Account Manager.

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