You will convert to be animated objects to symbols in order to animate these with a Motion Tween.


What you learned: Work with motion tweens and symbols

  • Select the body and go to the Modify menu and convert it to a Symbol. Give the symbol a logical name and select Graphic from the dropdown menu. Do the same for the other objects.
  • Move the symbol to the left of the stage. This will be the starting point for the robot.
  • Select frame 60 for all layers and right click. Choose Insert Frame to give the animation two seconds of time to start with.
  • Right click on the body (on the stage) and select Create Motion Tween. Make the robot move to the spot on the stage where you want him to stand.
  • Create a secondary animation with the head of the robot so the animation feels more natural.
  • Double click on the wheel. This opens the symbols underlaying timeline.
  • Create another Graphic Symbol out of that wheel.
  • Create a Motion tween and select for this wheel in the timeline. This will show the properties. In there alter the rotation value to 2. This will make the wheel spin twice within one second. But because this happens in a symbol, it will loop.
  • Go back to the main scene in the left top corner. Create a keyframe for the wheel layer with a right click on the frame where the robot comes to a stop.
  • Select the wheel again on the stage. In the properties panel, choose Single Frame from the dropdown list to make the spinning stop.

Presenter: Matthijs Clasener

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