Flash Professional lets you create animations for virtually any use case, device, browser, or platform. Natively author and publish your content to various formats using the tools and interface you already know.

Adobe Flash Professional is now Animate CC. All the features and functionality shown can now be found in Animate.


Publish to HTML5 Canvas

Flash Professional CC lets you create and publish HTML5 Canvas documents from scratch, using a familiar authoring environment. Using open web standards enables your content to reach any modern browser, including mobile devices. See How to create and publish an HTML 5 Canvas document for more.

Import assets (1:08); Copy/paste layers to add assets (1:36); Add actions (2:08); Publish settings (3:06)

Publish to WebGL

WebGL is an open web standard that takes advantage of GPU-acceleration, so your content runs flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices. Learn how to publish to WebGL directly in Flash Professional CC. See Export Flash Professional content on WebGL for more.

Convert to WebGL (1:07); Add commands (2:34); Publish settings (3:10); Test movie (3:42)

Publish to Custom Platforms

Flash Professional CC can now target a potentially limitless number of platforms with the new Custom Platform Support SDK. GAF Publisher is an extension that is available now, letting you publish assets for use in Unity3D, Cocos2D, and Starling. See Publish to new platforms with the new Custom Platform Support SDK for more.

Custom Platform Support learning resources (0:56); Get Add-ons (1:19); Install GAF add-on (1:43); Create new GAF document (2:34); Copy/paste layers to add assets (3:15); Publish settings (4:01); Preview movie (4:51)

Contributor: Joseph Labrecque

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