Data Collection from ContextData Variables in Audience Manager

Context data variables are custom variables on each page that can be read by processing rules with in Adobe Analytics Tool. Now, you want to send Analytics ContextData Variables to Adobe AudienceManager as signals, which depend on whether you are going to use server-side or client-side. Also it depends on whether you are talking about JavaScript on a website or SDK in a mobile app.

Setting ContextData Variable:
s.contextdata[‘name] = “adobe”;
Note: Context data variables are not case-sensitive.

ContextData Variable Data Collection in JavaScript/Web Site:

Client-side Implementation:
In DIL Code (Client-Side Code) data get passed from Analytics to AAM as: c_contextData_name
Server-side Implementation:
In Server-Side Forwarding situation, the final underscore is replaced with a period, so in our case data get passed from Analytics call to AAM as:

ContextData Variable Data Collection with Mobile (SDK):

Client-side Implementation in Mobile:
Client-Side Keys get changed to c_name whereas
Server-side Implementation in Mobile:
In AAM Server-Side Forwarding use