Defining dynamic content in a landing page

To define dynamic content in a landing page, select a block using the breadcrumb or by directly clicking an element.


Certain blocks, such as images, cannot be directly selected. In this case, select the parent block using the breadcrumb. You can then modify all of the elements included in this parent element, including images. The condition will be applied to all child elements within the parent block.

The breadcrumb is presented in the Managing blocks section.

The next steps for defining dynamic content in a landing page are similar to the steps to follow for an email. See this section.


If a variant element is outlined in red, this means that an expression has not yet been defined.

Previewing dynamic content in a landing page

You can navigate between the different dynamic contents of a block. To do this:

  1. Select the block.

    Arrows appear on the right- and left-hand sides of the image.

  2. Click the right arrow to browse through the available dynamic contents.


    The arrows on each side dim according to whether you have reached the last or first available dynamic contents.

  3. To delete all the conditions applied to a block, select that block and click the Disable dynamic content icon.

  4. Select the dynamic content that you would like to keep.


In the palette:

  • The contents which have an expression entered are no longer outlined in red, they are shown in gray.

  • The content that is currently selected appears in blue.


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