Date and time functions

Function Description
CreateDate Creates a date/time object.
CreateDateTime Creates a date/time object.
CreateODBCDate Creates an ODBC date object.
CreateODBCDateTime Creates an ODBC date-time object.
CreateODBCTime Creates an ODBC time object.
CreateTime Creates a time variable.
CreateTimeSpan Creates a date/time object that defines a time period.
DateAdd Adds units of time to a date.
DateCompare Performs a full date/time comparison of two dates.
DateConvert Converts local time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),
or UTC to local time.
DateDiff Determines the integer number of units by which date1 is less than date2.
DateFormat Formats a date value using U.S. date formats.
DatePart Extracts a part from a date value as a numeric.
DateTimeFormat Formats a datetime value using U.S. date and time formats.
Day Determines the day of the month in a date.
DayOfWeek Determines the day of the week ina date.
DayOfWeekAsString Determines the day of the week, in a date, as a string function.
DayOfYear Determines the day of the year, ina date.
DaysInMonth Determines the number of days in a month.
DaysInYear Determines the number of days in a year.
FirstDayOfMonth Determines the ordinal (day number, in the year) of the first day of the month in which a given date falls.
GetHttpTimeString Gets the current time, in the Universal Time Code (UTC).
GetTickCount Returns the current value of an internal millisecond timer.
GetTimeZoneInfo Gets local time zone information for the computer on which it is called, relative to Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
Hour Gets the current hour of the day.
IsDate Determines whether a string or Java object can be converted to a date/time value.
IsDateObject Determines whether a value is a date/time object.
IsLeapYear Determines if a year is a leap year.
IsNumericDate Evaluates whether a real number is a valid representation of a date (date/time object).
LSDateFormat Formats the date part of a date/time value in a locale-specific format.
LSIsDate Determines whether a string is a valid representation of a date/time value in the current locale.
LSParseDateTime Converts a string that is a valid date/time representation in the current locale into a date/time object.
LSTimeFormat Formats the time part of a date/time string into a string in a locale-specific format.
Minute Gets the value of the minute from a date/time object.
Month Gets the value of the month in a date/time object.
MonthAsString Determines the name of the month that corresponds to month_number.
Now Gets the current date and time of the computer running the CFML server.
ParseDateTime Parses a date/time string according to the English (U.S.) locale conventions.
Quarter Calculates the quarter of the year in which a date falls.
Second Extracts the ordinal for the second from a date/time object.
SetDay Sets the day on the Date object.
SetHour Sets the hour on the Date object.
SetMinute Sets the minute on the Date object.
SetMonth Sets the month on the Date object.
SetSecond Sets the second on the Date object.
SetYear Sets the year on the Date object.
TimeFormat Formats a time value using US English time formatting conventions.
Week Determines the week number in a year.
Year Gets the year value.


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