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Templates are used at various points in AEM:

Templates - Pages

AEM now offers two basic types of templates for creating pages:


When using a template to create a new page there is no visible difference (to the page author) and no indication of the type of template being used.

Editable Templates

Editable Templates:

  • Can be created and edited by your authors.
  • Have been introduced to allow you to define the following for any pages created with the template:
    • the structure
    • the initial content
    • content policies
  • After the new page is created a dynamic connection is maintained between the page and the template; this means that changes to the template structure will be reflected on any pages created with that template (changes to the initial content will not be reflected).
  • Uses content policies (edited from the template editor) to persist the design properties (does not use Design mode within the page editor).
  • Are stored under /conf
  • See Editable Templates for further information.

Static Templates

Static Templates:

  • Must be defined and configured by your developers.
  • These templates have been available for several versions of AEM. 
  • A static template is a hierarchy of nodes that has the same structure as the page to be created, but without any actual content.
  • Are copied to create the new page, no dynamic connection exists after this.
  • Uses Design Mode to persist design properties.
  • Are stored under /apps
  • See Static Templates for further information.

Templates - Content Fragments

See Content Fragment Templates for full information.