You want to replace an image in DAM by uploading an image with the same name on your desktop. In the DAM UI, you click on new and browse your desktop to upload an image (with same name as one already in the DAM). After allowing the DAM image to be replaced, the following error is thrown:

Cannot move JcrNodeResource, type=nt:file, path=/tmp/asset1272638951270 to /var/dam/banner.gif: destination exists

Furthermore, the original image gets deleted from /content/dam and /var/dam, but the new image does not get uploaded in its place.


The issue has been fixed in CQ 5.3. As a workaround for the current environment, the following two options are available:

  1. Re-upload the image again the second time (i.e. the first upload will delete the image, but the second upload will create the image correctly).
  2. Open the image in DAM for editing. Click on the "Edit" button, then select "Override binary...". Select the image you want to replace the current image with.

Applies to

CQ 5.2.x

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