Learn to warp text with envelope warp and curve it with type on a path.

What you learned: Warp and curve text using different methods

Warp text

Warping text is the process of reshaping text using an envelope. An envelope can be a preset shape, a shape you create, or a mesh of editable anchor points.

  • With the text object selected, choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make With Warp.

Set warp options

  • Choose the style of warp you want from the Style menu.
  • Choose whether to apply the warp in a horizontal or vertical fashion.
  • Drag the Bend slider to set the amount you want to bend the text.
  • Drag the Horizontal or Vertical Distortion sliders to distort the text in different ways.

Tip: To edit the warp settings, with the warp object selected, click Warp Options in the Properties panel.

Edit the shape

  • With the envelope object selected, drag a corner or side bounding point to reshape the text.

Edit the text in the warp

  • With the envelope object selected, click the Edit Contents button in the Properties panel. You can then edit the text with the Type tool, and change any formatting options you like.
  • To edit the envelope shape again, click the Edit Envelope button.

Create a path for text

  • Using any drawing tool, such as the Curvature tool, Pencil tool, or Pen tool, create a path that you can add text to.

Apply text to the path

  • Select the Type tool and click the path where you want to start the text.
  • Replace the placeholder text with your own.

Format the text on the path

  • Select the text and format it in the Properties panel.
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