Create and edit on the go with Illustrator on the iPad and access and edit your Illustrator documents anywhere.

What you learned: What cloud documents are, and how they allow you to move freely between Illustrator on your desktop and iPad to work on the same document wherever convenient

Create on the iPad

  • Documents you create on the iPad are saved to Adobe’s cloud and autosaved while you work.
  • In the Illustrator home screen on the iPad, you can tap Your work to see saved cloud documents, documents shared with you, and deleted documents. With the Cloud documents option selected, you can view your documents in different ways and organize them in folders. 

Switch to Illustrator on the desktop

  • In Illustrator on your computer, with the Home screen showing, click Cloud documents to see the same cloud documents as you see in Illustrator on the iPad. Tap to sync and open a document.
  • Changes you make are saved automatically as you work.

Tip: You can also create a document in Illustrator on the desktop and save it as a cloud document. That document will be synced to Adobe’s cloud and can then be opened in Illustrator on the iPad.  

Switch back to iPad

  • Back in Illustrator on the iPad, after the document has synced with Adobe’s cloud, you can tap to open the same cloud document.

Export and share with others

  • In Illustrator on the iPad, with a document open, you can tap Export in the upper-right and export in a variety of formats including .AI and .PSD (native Photoshop).

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