Customize our handy templates to create unique letterhead and envelope designs.
Letterhead design.

Create a modern identity in no time

Customize professionally-designed sample files to create unique letterhead and envelope designs.

If you'd like to learn how to create a complete identiry set, see Create a business card.

Note: Our sample files use standard US dimensions. See alternative sizing below:

  • US letterhead: 8.5 in x 11 in; Europe: A4  
  • US #10 envelope: 4.125 in x 9.5 in; Europe: 110 mm x 220 mm

Open project file

Download the sample files, and then launch InDesign. Click the Open button on the start screen, or choose File > Open and navigate to the letterhead-design folder. Open letterhead-design.indd.

Choose the Typography workspace in the Workspace switcher menu to display all the panels that help you work with type.

Click the Pages panel in the panels dock. Double-click page 1 to access the letterhead and page 2 to access the envelope.

Tip: Go to View > Display Performance > High Quality Display to view all page elements in the highest quality.

By default, you're in Normal mode which displays non-printing objects such as margins, text frames, etc. You can switch between Normal and Preview modes by choosing View > Screen Mode.


In this step, you'll add a logo to the letterhead sample file.

While in Normal screen mode, go to File > Place > logo-color.indd and click Open. With your cursor loaded with the logo art, click at the intersection of the top and left margins and drag a rectangular frame.

To resize the logo and frame proportionally, press Control/Command + Shift and drag a corner point.

If you need to move the logo, click the frame with the Selection tool and drag to the desired position on the page. 


Before you reuse the logo for the envelope design, save it in a Creative Cloud Library to access it easily from InDesign and other Adobe desktop and mobile apps. 

Go to Windows > CC Libraries. Select the logo, then drag it over the CC Libraries panel. It's added to the Graphics section of My Library.

Click the page 2 thumbnail to access the envelope. Drag the logo from the CC Libraries panel to the intersection of the top and left margins and resize if necessary.

Learn more about using Creative Cloud Libraries in all your Adobe apps.


Customize graphic elements

The sample files include a black rectangle that you can colorize to match your logo. 

Select the rectangle with the Selection tool, and click the down-facing arrow next to the Fill color swatch in the Control panel. Click the red swatch in the Swatches panel to fill it with the same red color used for the logo.

Repeat this step in the envelope design on page 2.


Replace placeholder text

Select the Type tool in the Tools panel. 

Highlight the text in both pages and replace it with your own.


Style your text

To customize, try changing the font and size of the body text in the letterhead.

Click the Paragraph Styles panel. These styles save attributes for all the text on the pages: The Contact Info style is used in both sample files, and the Body Text style is used in the letterhead. 

Double-click the Body Text style to edit it. In the Paragraph Styles Options dialog, click Basic Character Formats to make these changes and click OK:

  • In the Font family menu, highlight "Helvetica" and type "Minion Pro Regular"
  • Increase the Size to 9 pt

Optional: If you're a Creative Cloud member, you can access thousands of high-quality typefaces directly from InDesign. See Getting started with Typekit and Creative Cloud for details.



Save your letterhead and envelope

Go to File > Export > Adobe PDF (Print) and click Save. 

In the Adobe PDF Preset menu, choose either the High Quality Print or Press Quality options based on your print provider's recommendations. 

Click Export to save a print-ready PDF that you can email or upload online.


Contributor: The Royal Studio

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