Start a new postcard from scratch in Adobe InDesign. Choose the right settings from the beginning so you have problem-free printing.

Daydream Summer Art Show postcard is dropped into a red mailbox.

Click Create new, and then click the Print tab to automatically configure some settings. We changed several settings to customize our postcard. We also added a print bleed, so our design can print to the very edge of the postcard. Select Preview to see a live update.

Postcard preset is selected in Adobe Illustrator, and print bleed is added to print to the edge of the card.

We rotated the second page so it would face up while designing it. After right-clicking page 2 in the Pages panel, we chose Page Attributes > Rotate Spread View > 90°CW. It’s not necessary to rotate it back for printing, but if you wish to set it on its side again, just right-click the rotation icon next to page 2 and choose 90° CCW.

Artboard is rotated to landscape orientation in the Page Attributes > Rotate Spread View menu.

We used these settings to create an avant-garde postcard to announce a gallery opening.

Front and back of Daydream Summer Art Show postcard created in InDesign.

Your postcard is off to a great start. Continue adding stylish text, colorful graphics, and photos to make an attention-grabbing announcement.

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