Quickly and accurately remove the unwanted beginnings and ends of clips in sequences.

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What you learned: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly trim clips in a sequence

Select a new start or end for a clip

  • In the Timeline panel, position the sequence playhead at the new start or end you would like for the clip or clips on multiple tracks.

Make selections

  • Enable the tracks on which you would like clips to be trimmed.
  • Enable sync locks for tracks with clips you would also like to be trimmed.

Use keyboard shortcuts to trim the start or end of clips

  • Press Q to ripple trim the start of a clip, leaving no gap.
  • Press Option+Q (macOS) or Alt+Q (Windows) to perform a regular trim at the start of a clip, leaving a gap.
  • Press W to ripple trim the end of a clip, leaving no gap.
  • Press Option+W (macOS) or Ctrl+Alt+W (Windows) to perform a regular trim at the end of a clip, leaving a gap.

Extend an edit

  • Press Shift+Q or Shift+W to extend the previous or next edit.

This will shorten the current clip while extending the previous or next clip, adjusting the timing of the edit but not the sequence duration.

Perform dynamic trimming

  1. Double-click an edit to enter Trim mode in the Program monitor.
  2. Use the J, K, and L keys to play the selected edit. When you press K, a trim is applied at the current frame.
  3. Leave Trim mode by clicking on the background of the Timeline panel or by pressing Shift+T.

Use keyboard shortcuts to move the sequence playhead between edits

  • Press the Up or Down Arrow keys to move the playhead between edits on selected tracks.

Tip: It’s easier to remove content from a sequence than to add it. If in doubt, add more of a clip than you think you will need and remove the extra content later using these quick shortcuts.


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Adobe Stock contributors:  A Luna Blue, rickray, 3dsculptor

Presenter: Maxim Jago

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